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How do I enable a WebDesk account for an e-mail address?

The following article describes how to create the 1&1 WebDesk master account however the process is the same when enabling 1&1 WebDesk for other users. This steps in this article can only be carried out by the 1&1 account owner.

Step 1:

Log in to the 1&1 Control Panel using your Customer ID OR domain name and your password

If you have only one package, you will land on the Administration page. If you have more than one package, select the package in question to reach its Administration page.

Step 2:

1&1 WebDesk accounts are linked with 1&1 e-mail accounts. Therefore you must first create at least one e-mail address for the master account. For more help on creating a new e-mail account you can reference How do I create an e-mail account in my 1&1 package?
Step 3:

When you log in, you should see the 1&1 WebDesk popup if WebDesk is included in your package.


If you do not see the pop-up, or to access the pop-up later, you can click the Create 1&1 WebDesk user accounts link from the Communication & Online Storage panel. If you do not see this link, then unfortunately the 1&1 WebDesk is not available for your package just yet.

Step 4:

Select an e-mail account to set up as the master account and click the Create master account button. This master account should be the e-mail account of the 1&1 package owner. Subsequent accounts can be used with any e-mail address created in the package.

Step 5:

You are informed that the invitation for creating a 1&1 WebDesk account has been sent to the selected e-mail.

Step 6:

The owner of the e-mail account should now open the mailing and click the confirmation link in order to complete the setup process. Please reference How do I set up my 1&1 WebDesk account?

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