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How do I set up Windows Mail using IMAP?

Windows Mail is the successor of Outlook Express and the predecessor of Windows Live Mail. Windows Mail was only included with the Windows Vista operating system.

If your computer is not running Windows Vista, please reference Which e-mail program or client can I use? for a list of some popular e-mail programs that may be compatible with your operating system.

Step 1:

Launch Windows Mail from the Start menu on your computer and select Tools -> Accounts.

Step 2:

Click the Add button at the top-right of the Internet Accounts window.

Step 3:

Select E-mail Account and then click the Next button.

Step 4:

Enter your Display Name into the text box. This will be the name that others see when receiving your mail. Click the Next button to continue.

Step 5:

Enter your full 1&1 e-mail address into the text box and then click the Next button.

Step 6:

Select IMAP from the Incoming e-mail server type drop-down menu.

Step 7:

Enter as the Incoming mail (POP3 or IMAP) server.
Enter as the Outgoign e-mail server (SMTP) name.
Check the box for Outgoing server requires authentication.
Click the Next button to continue.

Step 8:

Enter Your full 1&1 e-mail address as the E-mail username.
Check the box for Remember password if you do not wish to enter your e-mail account password every time you check or send e-mail.
Enter the Password for the e-mail account in the text box.
Click the Next button to continue.

Step 9:

Leave the Do not download my e-mail and folders at this time checkbox unchecked to download your mail right away and then click the Finish button.

Step 10:

Select your newly created e-mail account and click the Properties button.

Step 11:

Click the Advanced tab.

Step 12:

Enter port 587 in the Outgoing mail (SMTP) field and check the box labeled This server requires a secure connection (SSL).

Enter port 993 in the Incoming mail (IMAP) field and check the box labeled This server requires a secure connection (SSL).

Click the OK button to save the changes.

Step 13:

Follow the same steps to add any additional e-mail accounts and click the Close button when finished to go back to the Windows Mail window.

Step 14:

Setup is now complete! You should see your newly added 1&1 e-mail account on the left hand side.


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